ROUTINES AND RITUALS | Build a Magickal Spring Morning Routine

“The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Hello Darling,

It’s Dahlia, and as we turn the corner into spring and Aries season, I thought I would check in with a little easy inspiration. Not so much ‘easy’ as in ‘uncomplicated’ (though it is likely that as well), but ‘easy’ in the way that being in a meadow in spring feels easy.

The spring would be beautiful whether you were there to witness it or not. It is beautiful for its own sake, and something about that lets your soul rest, for just a moment.

See, lately, we’ve been feeling a bit stuck – stagnant, perhaps – in a variety of things. So, in an effort to filter out the water of our lives a bit better, we’ve designed a new morning routine.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, and having a slightly different routine for each season helps keep us in the natural rhythm of things. When constructing your own morning routine, try bringing in some seasonal elements to help you feel a bit more in touch with the world outside your window.

But first, the answer to the burning question:

“Bloom where you are planted.” – 1 Corinthians 7:20-24

Why Make a Morning Routine?

Having a set morning routine helps you to set the overall tone for the day.

It can often help give you a feeling of control over what needs to be accomplished that day, lowering your stress levels and helping you feel more productive.

How we talk to ourselves matters, and starting each day with a comfortable routine which leaves you feeling prepared for the day can make a massive difference in how you see yourself and your abilities. Not only that, research suggests that following an established routine can help you better engage with the day, and increase your ability to weather challenges and external stresses.

Additionally, when you aren’t coming at things from a place of hurry and stress, you can see them more clearly. Even this little bit of added clarity can de wonders for helping you avoid problems down the line caused by you rushing through an earlier step in the process.

Morning routines are also great for your practice, as they help get you in touch with the natural magick of the day, the season, and the practical, day-to-day aspects of your current practice. Anything from cooking breakfast to putting on makeup can be a magickal act, and incorporating a little magick into your morning routine can work to keep you energized and learning each day.

In the end, I’m never here to tell you what to do or how to think. All I want is for you to start asking questions. ‘Would this be right for me?’ ‘How do I feel about this?’ ‘What would I do each morning?’

Most of those questions, you’ll have to answer for yourself. As to that last one, however, we have a few suggestions you can springboard off of.

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Building a Morning Routine

  • Maintain a good sleep schedule.
    At the heart of any routine that lasts is consistency. Waking up and falling asleep at roughly the same time each night helps to program your natural sleep/wake cycle, which leads to more restful sleep.
  • Avoid the snooze button.
    Adults typically need between seven and nine hours of sleep. If you find yourself hitting snooze often, you may need to rework your expectations and shift some things around in your schedule to make sure you’re getting proper rest. If you’re staying in bed specifically to avoid starting your day due to feelings of overwhelm, it may help to get up early and do a few small things that you enjoy, or that otherwise bring you a sense of peace.
  • Get up when you wake up.
    Lying in bed for just a little while longer is tempting, especially when the mornings are still dark and chilly, but this can easily lead to falling back asleep or spending an hour scrolling through social media. Instead, push yourself to get up and out of bed soon after you wake up, and give your full attention to your first task (usually a prayer, affirmation, meditation, etc.)
  • Hydrate.
    Drinking enough water is very important to your overall health. Good practice is to drink at least eight ounces of water before you even have a cup of coffee or tea in the mornings.
  • Exercise/Stretch/Meditate
    Exercising in the mornings can actually help to regulate your sleep/wake cycle. If you don’t have the time or inclination for a full workout, try a short yoga routine to stretch out your joints and get your blood flowing. Spending even a few minutes meditating can also make you feel more focused and peaceful.
  • Eat something.
    Research says that it’s usually best to eat something within an hour of waking up. This keeps you from stretching out the fasting state and slowing down your metabolism, which can contribute to feeling sluggish and low-energy during the day.
  • Plan how much time your routine will take.
    When you have all the pieces together, you can estimate how long your whole routine will take you to finish. From there, you can work backward to see when would be the best time for you to wake up. Work backward from there to set your bedtime.

Some Additional Tips

  • Avoid your phone until you’re fully awake.
    It can be very easy to scroll and read content mindlessly as we’re waking up, which might feel productive but is usually a very passive activity. We aren’t doing anything with the information we’re getting; we’re just using it to eat up time.
  • Choose whole food options for breakfast when possible.
    Protein and fiber are your best choices when you’re trying to give your body fuel. Keep processed food to a minimum for best results.
  • Set up your schedule/planner the night before.
    Having everything set up and ready to be worked on tomorrow will reduce the chances of you getting stuck in the transition stage from one task to another (a common feature of ADHD, which we also deal with). Even if you’re neurotypical, having your work ready for you will cut down on the time you need to get into the flow of working, and may even make the process a little more enjoyable.
  • Build some extra time into your schedule.
    Having a buffer of even half an hour can keep you from feeling rushed or stressed if something takes a little longer than normal one morning, or you do find yourself stuck at a transition point. We all have off days, after all.

Some Magickal Suggestions

  • Visualize energy and focus infusing your first glass of water in the morning.
  • Have a cup of tea that supports your intention for the day.
  • Choose your outfit using color magick/associations.
  • Notice the change in nature by keeping a nature journal and writing it in each morning.
  • Choose a new plant/herb/flower to research each day (bonus points if it’s native to your area).
  • Light a candle to symbolize the return of the sun/longer days. Plus, candles are cool.
  • Draw sigils for health/energy/focus/etc. in your foundation before blending it out.
  • Stir good intentions into your breakfast with some good old-fashioned kitchen magick. (Stir clockwise to draw in, counter-clockwise to banish.)
  • If you read Tarot, do a daily draw in the morning to see a sort of energetic snapshot of the day. You can also use the card you draw as a starting point for meditation or journaling.

That’s All For Now

I hope this post has been helpful to you; it was rather fun to put together!

Morning routines are something we’ve really only recently started taking any degree of seriously and I’m happy to report that, so far at least, it’s been a very positive change.

I hope that you build your own magickal spring morning routine to try out. Energetically, spring is a great time to re-commit to goals and renew your focus, so if you’ve been thinking of up-leveling your practice lately, this may be a good starting point.

Either way, I really do wish you all the best in the world this season.

Love always,
Dahlia (he/they/faun/she)

Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end of this one. I know things have been a bit odd with the site recently. We’ve had some personal revelations that necessitated some restructuring, but we should be set and solid now!

If you’d like to help us get started with this blog financially, you’re always welcome to buy us a coffee. And please do share our posts around if you find them helpful and think others would as well!

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