Living Your Art (And Your Magick)

“The artist has one function–to affirm and glorify life.”

W. Edward Brown

Hello Darlings,

It’s Dahlia, and today I wanted to talk a bit about something that mentally clicked for us recently, and may be useful to you as well. Hopefully by the end of this post I’ll have done a good enough job of showing you all why we think this idea is so powerful that it’s worth working to implement.

You might remember the precious post, our deck review/talk on The Alleyman’s Tarot. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest giving it a look, but the long and the short of it is this: At the end of that post, I mentioned the fact that holding and working with that deck with its mismatched cards and non-standard thickness sort of… unlocked something in us.

Well, (as Simon has drafted here) this is the open door. Off we go!

The Idea

Adam Duff is an artist, teacher, and YouTuber. If you’re an artist yourself, you may have seen his Lucidpixul channel around. He’s well-known for his detailed, dark fantasy art and his ‘art talk’ videos, wherein he layers his voiceover on top of a time-lapse digital painting.

I bring him up for a very specific reason here: this video in particular.

If you’re not in the mood for sitting through the whole thing, the main take-away is this: to truly experience your art, to feed your artistic growth, to feed your creativity, you have to live your art.

You have to make your space an extension of your artistic, creative self. Adam has a great example of this in the video – he had redesigned his studio at one point, made it very clean and minimal. And he struggled to get anything done even though, on paper, he had a great set-up.

But he was missing.

Adam’s art is dark fantasy inspired by folklore – it’s detailed, and rich, and organic. By contrast, the studio space he had at the time was a lot of white and wood and clean lines. And it was very sterile, very clinical. It wasn’t a bad space; it was just misaligned with the work that was being done in it.

So, Duff decides to remedy this situation.

He looks around and he asks the question I’m going to toss to you in just a moment. He asks, ‘Okay, what do I need to do to turn this space into… Old Yharnam (from Bloodborne)?’ Basically, ‘what do I need to do to turn this into a space that I can feel creative in?’

So he looks at what he produces, and he looks at other’s art that fits his aesthetic, and he comes up with this list of colors and textures and feelings. And then he goes to a thrift store, with that very specific aesthetic in mind, and he picks up old wood boxes, and worn leather, and these antique picture frames with gold and patina, and more plant life…

And now, slowly but suddenly, his space is starting to reflect that inner space, that inner creative self. So that now, wherever he looks around that space, he is reminded of that creativity, of that art.

But all this came about, at least in this iteration, from a ring.

Not the Tolkien ring, but a finely crafted men’s ring. He saw it, liked it, bought it, wore it and, much like myself not long ago, shuffling The Alleyman’s deck, he felt that it was tugging at something in him, trying to unlock something in him.

It turned out to be this idea, this concept of intentionally living your art – of bringing it out of the sort of pre-fab contexts it already exists in and just infusing it into the fabric of your life, so that it feeds back in on itself.

Magickal Applications

Molly Roberts is also a YouTuber. She’s an art witch. You can find her channel here, and we highly suggest watching her video on grimoires (especially if you’re finding yourself too anxious about messing up your physical book to actually use it).

I bring her up because she – at least in the context of what we see of her in terms of her channel content – lives her magick in such a way that it would be impossible to remove that aspect without losing your sense of who she is as a person.

It’s in everything. It’s in her hair, her makeup, her clothing, her filming space… And as a result, there’s this distinct ‘Molly-ness’ to everything she does.

And I want to bring your attention to this, not just from that original artistic standpoint, but from a magickal standpoint as well. Because witchcraft is a path of study – it’s a path of history and knowledge and of being present and in-tune with the world around you, no matter your unique shade of magick.

To that end, I have a challenge for you.

Photo by cottonbro on

Your Magickal Self

You don’t have to change anything right away, but I want you to think about what your magickal path looks like – what your magickal self looks like. What sort of witch are you? Now how do you make your space an extension of that magickal self?

How do you turn your space into, say, a tech witch’s hacker cave? Or a green witch’s kitchen? Or a solar witch’s bedroom?

And please note, I don’t mean ‘collect a bunch of things that go with the stereotype of your path’ – no, not at all. My concept of ‘a green witch’s kitchen’ and yours are not the same. That’s okay. More than that, it’s marvelous!

But, if you’re on-board with this, I’d like you to spend some time thinking, maybe sketching, maybe writing, maybe on Pinterest collecting inspiration. And when you’ve got it, when you have it nailed down – the colors, the lights, the textures, the scents, the music, the makeup, the jewelry… then you start looking around for things you can add to your space, things that want to be in your space with you.

You can make things, or find them, or trade for them, or buy them outright, but whatever you do, make sure that it supports you. Make sure it supports your learning, your sense of beauty, your feeling of connection.

Of course, this is much more difficult if not impossible for witches who are still in the broom closet, so to speak, but if this is you, just keep this in mind for when you do step out of it – when you’re ready, once you’ve moved out, etc. Whatever ‘ready’ looks like for you. Your path at your pace.

Our Space

While we’re not in a position to fully customize our living space just yet, we have done some small things that we think might be good starting points, or at least give you a potential angle to think about. For example:

  • our pill case is organized with color magick and day associations in mind (not the medication, mind, just the plastic colored rectangles with the four boxes that hold the pills)
  • our Tarot deck is custom, and will change as we do
  • we have witch bells on our door at school to help scatter negative energy
  • we’ve collected crystals to help us sleep (amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz)
  • we have a selenite wand for energetic cleansing
  • we once traded a book for an ethically sourced skull because, in Jade’s words, it had ‘friend energy’. it’s now sitting on our desk.
  • we’ve spent time building up a witchy library (this can also be done with ebooks to save on the initial outlay)
  • we make time at least once a day to add something small to our e-grimoire (post on building your own digital grimoire coming soon!)
  • we’re subscribed to Nine of Earth (a witchy subscription box – post on them coming soon!)

And I’m sure there’s more I’m just overlooking at the moment.

So, I hope this post has been interesting, and given you some things to think about when it comes to your surrounding environment. Living your most authentic and magickal life isn’t always the easiest road, but I’m very much of the opinion that authenticity is always worth it in the long-run.

With all that said, I think I’m going to go and plan a few more posts for this transition period into Aries season. I also have a few ideas for guides I feel might be useful to you all, so I may poke at those a bit as well.

Wherever you go from here, I wish you all the best!


Dahlia (he/they/faun/she)

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to help this blog grow, you’re more than welcome to share this post around to others who may find it interesting. If you like what we do here and you’d like to support us with a donation, you can always buy us a coffee. Either way, thank you for being part of the Fruit Bat Flock, and we’ll see you all again very soon!

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