ACCOUTREMENTS | What’s in Our Back-to-School Charm Bag?

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time

Leonard Bernstein

Hello Darlings,

It’s Abel, and we’ve had something of a revelation over the short Spring Break we’ve been on. Collectively, I mean.

Therefore, we’re committed to, upon return, ‘going full witch’.

This actually isn’t as drastic as it probably sounds. Mostly, this just means ‘looking the part a bit more’. Actually wearing our jewelry, reading our witchy books, occasionally making charm bags, you know.

Just recently, in a fit of inspiration, we started a rather ambitious project that we’ll share more about here very soon. For the moment, just know that I… am very tired LOL But this is a labor of love, truly. Can’t wait to share!

But now, onto the actual point:

What’s in Our Back-to-School Charm Bag?


  • Orange Calcite – expands awareness, boosts happiness, encourages positive energy
  • Amethyst – aids meditation, wards off fear, symbolizes rebirth, helps heal mind and spirit
  • Frankincense Tears – burns away negativity, emphasizes rebirth
  • Green Adventurine – boosts luck, aids prosperity, increases confidence, reduces stress, encourages creativity
  • Pyrite – protection, stops negative thoughts, help overcome anxiety/fear
  • Tiger’s Eye – self-confidence
  • Selentie – cleanses, promotes peace, helps access intuition, enhances manifestation abilities
  • Clear Quartz – master healer stone, used as an amplifier


  • Dill – general protection, ward off negative mental energy, boosts luck, invites prosperity, balances mental state
  • Skullcap – aids sleep, invites peace, calms emotions, aids grounding, reduces anxiety and depression
  • St John’s Wort – strong protection, banishes negative self-image, aids against depression, inspires psychic or prophetic dreams
  • Hops Flower – eases anxiety, encourages emotional healing, aids sleep, inspires psychic dreams
  • Basil – focus, anti-anxiety
  • Rosemary – memory and focus


  • Himalayan Sea Salt – purifies, amplifies intention, banishes negativity
  • Coffee – focus, energy
  • Bee Charm – for productivity

It’s probably a bit overloaded, but all the intentions work together, so we feel good about it. Plus it smells amazing, which is always a good bonus lol

It’ll either hang on our door or sit on our desk (not sure yet and want to do some rearranging when we get back) and hopefully it’ll provide us a little extra boost and support this next quarter ^w^

I’d also like to thank Abel for putting this thing together, finding a bag that wont shed dill all over the place, and finding one of our howlite bracelets(!) Not to mention starting this post in the first place so the idea for it didn’t fade into the ether.

What about you guys – have you ever made or bought a charm bag? I’ve also seen them called ‘intention bags’ and ‘spell bags’. They’re one of my favorite physical witchy items, so I’m always up for talking about them.

Fun fact: some people associate them with Aradia, a goddess associated with ‘the old religion’ in Italy. As the story goes, she was born into an Italian family and was always very spiritual. Her family thought she’d become a nun, but that wasn’t to be. She was often jailed for her beliefs and practices, but always escaped. ‘The beautiful pilgrim’, she was called.

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your day. I hope this post was interesting or useful to you in someway. And please do share if you make your own back-to-school/spring rebirth charm bag! You can tag us on Instagram @horrorloggender

Love, as always,

Dahlia (he/they/faun/she) & Abel (he/vamp)

Thanks so much for reading! If you’d like to help us collect supplies for charm bags we’re hoping to sell soon, you’re more than welcome to buy us a coffee. We’re just getting started so any and all support is deeply appreciated. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a wonderful day!

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