SHOP | Stygian Street Witchery is Open!

Hello Darlings,

It’s Dahlia, and I have something of an exciting announcement today — Stygian Street Witchery Shoppe is (somewhat unofficially) open!

We’re offering digital/distance readings (Tarot, oracle, runes, charms, and pendulum) as well as and custom spell-writing work so I thought I would celebrate a bit and mention it here so you can check it out if you’d like.

You can find the official tumblr [here] and our Etsy/other e-locations will be up in the near future.

Every little bit really does help us get to our goals – and we have some awesome things planned for the near future! – so please do toss a coin to yer witches if you’re feeling generous. We’ll be forever appreciative ^w^

If you’re not in the market for witchy things, that’s of course totally fine! You can also help by sharing our sites around to those who might like them, favoriting our Etsy shop once it’s live, and just generally hanging out with us while we’re building things – good company makes the journey a bit less lonely, ya know?

You can also just [buy us a coffee] if you’d like to help out but aren’t in need of anything right now.

With all that said, whatever you plan to do, I hope you have a wonderful day and we’ll see you back here very soon with more content-heavy, informational posts!

Love, always,

Dahlia (he/they/faun/she)

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