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Hello Darlings,

It’s Dahlia, and today I wanted to share something for those of you with a budget for witchy things each month.

For about six months now, we’ve been getting a box from Nine of Earth, a witchy subscription box containing a deck of cards and other goodies each month.

They’re a small brand which features other small brands when they can as well, which we’re always a fan of. Seeing what they have to offer has also given us a few ideas of our own that I’ll be able to share here fairly soon.

For the moment though, on to the actual post!

Monthly Boxes

April’s theme was ‘Earth magick’, which was perfect for us because we often have trouble grounding. (Earth is under-represented in our chart.)

As is standard for Nine of Earth, the packaging is beautiful. Each of their boxes is themed to the month as well as the contents inside, so the whole experience is really a rather nice one ^w^

Opening the box, we find the explanation sheet – a sheet listing the items in the box, their sources, and a little about each one. I usually avoid looking at it until after I’ve been through the box because I like to be surprised by what I find. It’s a bit like opening a treasure chest that way.

With most of the paper shreds removed, we can see what looks to be a package of seeds(!) some incense (which smells amazing), the deck (below the seeds), altar candles, a necklace, and something wrapped in bubble-wrap.

Here’s the full lay-out – the bubble-wrap was holding the small bottle of a citrus-y perfume called ‘Incantation’, and the Print is Dead hand mirror was hiding below that. I’d say this is pretty well representative of a standard box – well-themed, well-sourced, and just all in all a nice surprise every month.

The deck is rather approachable as well – major Beltane energy.

Mystery Boxes and Bags

To give a more complete overview of things (and because we just wanted to), we picked up three mystery boxes/bags from Nine of Earth as well: a protection magick one, a kawaii witch/pastel goth one, and a Libra-themed zodiac one.

cool iridescent packaging!

The first one we opened was the kawaii witch/pastel goth one (the smallest bag). This one contained:

  • a pair of creepy/cute socks (pink with foot bones) from Ectogasm
  • a Death Tarot card enamel pin from Bobby Pins Co
  • a large haunted house sticker from Chateau Blanche Design
  • a pack of ‘haunt me’ post-it notes
  • a pastel Evil Eye adjustable bracelet
  • and a kawaii witch candle tin (the candle itself smells amazing as well)

Super happy with this one, honestly. We’re a little pastel goth ourselves, so this sort of creepy-cute style is right up our strasse. My personal favorite is either the candle or the enamel pin.

Next up was the zodiac mystery bag, which contained:

  • a ‘Blame it on my Zodiac Sign’ notebook from Central 23
  • a mini zodiac art print from Rachel Beyer
  • a zodiac boots sticker from Sara M. Lyons
  • a pack of zodiac incense from Gonesh
  • an old English font zodiac necklace
  • a ‘Libra’ lip balm from Crazy Rumors
  • a tumbled crystal corresponding to your sign (in our case this was pink calcite – ‘supports new ways of thinking, with loving compassion’)

Another winner in my book! The incense is pink rose water and fresh ivy and it smells amazing. The print is double-sided, with some info on the back, and the lip balm is from a brand we rather adore, so all in all, this was a very good collection to get.

Finally, we got to the ‘protection magick’ box, which contained:

  • an Evil Eye protection white Currant candle with clear quartz crystals from Holy Soak
  • a gorgeous blue glass apothecary bottle full of ritual black salt
  • an Evil Eye shower steamer from Goddex Apothecary
  • an anti-bad vibe shield salt soak from Wild Yonder Botanicals
  • a pack of Satya Dragon’s Blood incense cones with a stand
  • a gold and green lucky horseshoe wind chime, which we shared on Instagram
  • a little bag of raw black tourmaline stones
  • a tiny Evil Eye spell bottle kit, with bottle, candle, and herbal blend
  • and an adjustable brass Evil Eye bracelet

This might be my favorite overall, as much as I love the other two. The wind chime and that mini spell bottle kit sort of pushed it over the top. Look at that adorable little bottle!

Anyway… That was the roundup of our most recent Nine of Earth haul. If this looks like something you’d enjoy having in your life, you can check out their official site at Nine of Earth and their Instagram at nineofearth_official.

So, Where Does That Leave Us?

I have to say, I have a fairly high standard for Nine of Earth these days, and these bags really did hit the mark. There’s a good variety for the cost and the quality is always top-notch, at least from our experience so far.

The bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a good witchy subscription box, we’d absolutely toss Nine of Earth in the hat for your consideration. They’re great quality, fairly priced, and just bring a lot of good energy.

And… that’s about it. The first post next week will cover building your own e-grimoire in Obsidian! Then… I’m not sure just yet. We can find out together (lol).

Love, as always,

Dahlia (he/they/faun/she)

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