“Hello Darling…”

My name is Dahlia. I’m a writer, reader, witch, and wanderer. I am also the current host of The House of Leaves, a multiple system.

I’ve made it my mission to use my darker sensibilities for good (lol), helping my fellow witches find their own unique paths and understand both their artistic and creative selves, as well as their shadow selves.

It’s lovely to meet you!

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The Story So Far…

I’ve been interested in magick since well before I knew seeing colored lights around people and visualizing your stomachache away weren’t the norm for other children. I had awful headaches in those crowded school hallways…

Still, it’s only been recently that I’ve given myself permission to learn again, to explore what I can do, where my talents lie. I’ve since discovered a knack for divination as well as a love of research which I suspect was buried all along by considerable depression.

With my health now addressed properly, I feel pulled toward writing again. I would love to share this journey with you, should you be in need of a traveling companion.

This site is bound to become an amalgamation of sorts – part journal, part portfolio with pieces taken from all manner of sources, not unlike the Ferryman’s deck. I suspect we’ll keep to the general themes of the queer, the strange, the intense, and the ethereal.

So, if you’re willing to cross the river with me, I’d gladly welcome you along. Either way, I wish you safe travels.

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Shadow Witchery

With many thanks to The Witch of Lupine Hollow, I’ve discovered a comfortable path as a Shadow Witch. Dark as is sounds, it really just means I’m primarily interested in what we call ‘shadow work’ – working through our damage, seeing our flaws and weaknesses clearly so that we can transform and transmute them into our strengths.

My path also includes divination, lunar work, water magick, Reiki, the occasional charm bag or talisman, and a bit of herbalism here and there.

And, Just For Fun…


  • Crystals: black obsidian, howlite, rainbow hematite, moonstone, garnet
  • Herbs: cypress, yarrow, elderflower
  • Flowers: red roses, dahlias
  • Fruits: pomegranate, ghost apples, blood oranges
  • Animals: foxes, dragons, crows, ravens
  • Colors: black, dark green, silver, scarlet
  • Tarot Cards: Death, The Hermit
  • Runes: hagalaz
  • Symbols: books, black feathers
  • Archetypes: The Witch, The Vampire
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com